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Іssue: 4 (150) – VII/VIII 2022

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4 (150) – VII/VIII 2022
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Characteristics of hemodynamic parameters and quality of life in patients with stable angina with postinfarction cardiosclerosis with available risk factors and different variants of heart failure
The characteristics of ischemic stroke depends on patients’ compliance to antihypertensive therapy
Clinical characteristics of the state of the autonomic nervous system and their correlations with psychometric indicators in patients with duodenal ulcer in the stage of exacerbation and remission
Drug-induced liver damage in patients after cytostatic therapy for breast cancer: possibilities of correction
Mammographic screening of breast cancer in medical workers
Modern approaches to the differential diagnosis of stages of peritonitis
The effect of intrauterine administration of peripheral blood mononuclear cells on the frequency of embryo implantation in patients with numerous unsuccessful in vitro fertilisation attempts
Conceptual functional and organizational model of the system of interaction of health care institutions within one hospital district
Analysis of the financial condition and evaluation of the efficiency of logistics in MNPE «Kyiv City Consulting and Diagnostic Center»