Mammographic screening of breast cancer in medical workers

July 22, 2022
Specialities :

The aim: to assess the implementation of mammographic screening as a stage of the breast cancer prevention program among female employees of a large health care institution.

Object and research methods. The study was carried out in 2021 at multidisciplinary medical center in the Kyiv city. Mammographic examinations for 212 women were performed on a digital mammography system using 2D mammography, CAD (Computer-aided detection) and tomosynthesis. Image description was performed independently by two radiologists. A retrospective evaluation of medical findings after mammography and verification of radiological findings was carried out. The written questionnaires of female employees were also collected and analyzed.

Results. The frequency of BI-RADS variants of the mammary glands were established. Significant deviations in the timeliness of self-referral for mammography were found among different categories of personnel.

Conclusions. Under certain conditions, screening mammography has high acceptance among employees of health care institutions. Additional educational activities are needed, in particular among nurses and junior medical personnel and non-medical personnel for timely performance of breast cancer screening.


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