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Іssue: 4(144) – VII/VIII 2021

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4(144) – VII/VIII 2021
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Features of technical regulation concerning medical infrared thermometers
Treatment of cognitive disorders in depression caused by cerebrovascular pathology: the possibility of influencing acetylcholine neurotransmission
Causes of unsatisfactory results of diagnostics of peritonitis at the prehospital stage
Functional state of endothelium and additional possibilities of its correction with the use of ethylmethylhydroxypyridine succinate in patients with arterial hypertension
Features of dysbiotic changes of the large intestine and indicators of short-chain fatty acids in patients with chronic inflammatory bowel disease depending on the nutritional status
Immunogistochemical evaluation of vimentin expression in myometric vessel endothelium in the projection of the uterine-placental area during iron deficiency anemia in pregnancy in the aspect of chronic placental insufficiency
Multimodal strategies to improve infectious safety in dental health care facilities
Analysis of clinical and functional characteristics of COPD and comorbid pathology in clean-up workers of Chornobyl NPP accident in a remote post-accident period
Psychological features of adolescents with psoriasis
Cognitive-behavioral therapy as a way to adapt to psychosocial dysfunction of children and adolescents with limited functionality
Development of treatment technology for COVID-19-associated pneumonia with drugs containing quercetin flavonoid
The use of inhalation agents to reduce the frequency of exacerbations of chronic bronchitis