Immunogistochemical evaluation of vimentin expression in myometric vessel endothelium in the projection of the uterine-placental area during iron deficiency anemia in pregnancy in the aspect of chronic placental insufficiency

August 18, 2021

Objective: to establish the features of immunoexpression of vimentin in the endotheliocytes of vessels of the myometrium in the projection of the uterine-placental area (UPA) in iron deficiency anemia in pregnancy (IDA) in the aspect of the chronic placental insufficiency (СPI) at 37–40 weeks of gestation.

Object and methods of research. On 140 biopsies of the UPA and myometrium, received during caesarean section in cases of physiological pregnancy and gestation on the background of IDA of I–III degrees, performed techniques: immunohistochemical for vimentin, histochemical for fibrin and collagen fibers by N.Z. Slinchenko, hematoxylin and eosin.

Results. In cases of pregnancy on the background of IDA in the endothelial cells of the arteries of the myometrium there is an increase on immunoexpression of vimentin, what correlated with the degree of gestational immaturity of UPA and IDA. For venous vascular endothelial cells, this tendency has characterized only for IDA of I–II degrees, and against the background of III degree of IDA with signs of СPI, the indicators of vimentin immunoexpression were lower than those in physiological pregnancy. In endotheliocytes of the microcirculatory tract, the immunoexpression of vimentin has reduced in IDA I and II degrees without signs of СPI, but against the background of IDA of I and II degrees with СPI there was a slight increase in its expression; at IDA of the III degree with СPI the level of immunovisualization of vimentin was 1,5 times lower in comparison with physiological pregnancy.

Conclusions. In observations of pregnancy on the background of IDA without clinical signs of СPI increase in immunohistochemical concentration of vimentin in endothelial cells of myometrial segments of uteroplacental arteries is a manifestation of endothelial damage on the background of dyscirculatory phenomena due to insufficient gestational transformation. At gestation during IDA with clinical manifestations of СPI decrease in immunoexpression of vimentin in venous endothelium and microcirculatory tract is evidence of impaired angiogenesis and vasculogenesis, hypoperfusion and venous stasis in the uteroplacental area.


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