The influence of pregnancy that is complicated by preeclampsia on the main parameters of central and peripheral hemodynamics and body water compartments volume

April 8, 2021

In the article, it is studied the influence of pregnancy that is complicated by preeclampsia on the main parameters of central and peripheral hemodynamics and body water compartments volume­ in contrast to healthy pregnancy. 120 women were involved in the research. There were three groups among them: non-pregnant healthy women of fertile age; pregnant women with healthy pregnancy of 34–40 weeks; women whose pregnancy was complicated by mild or severe preeclampsia. Non-invasive bioimpedancemetry with a complex of monitoring of the cardio-respiratory system and tissue hydration was applied to assess central and peripheral hemodynamics and body water сompartments index. The study showed that healthy pregnancy is characterized by an eukinetic type of hemodynamics, a moderate increase in total fluid volume. In the meantime, preeclampsia causes a dissociative type of blood circulation against which there is fluid redistribution failure with the development of edema.


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