Requirements for authors

Requirements for manuscript submission:

Manuscripts are accepted for consideration on the understanding that the content has neither been published previously nor is under consideration for publication elsewhere and that its publication is approved by all coauthors. With delivery of the manuscript for publication and the subsequent acceptance by the editor, the author transfers all copyrights for publication to the publisher.

Requirements for manuscript submission:

When completing the manuscript you should indicate in Ukrainian and English:

  • author(s) information:
  • full name(s),
  • academic rank,
  • affiliation(s),
  • contact details (postal address and E-mail, telephone number),
  • link to the scientific profile (if available).
  • the title of the article,
  • abstract (it must not exceed 250 words, should not contain references or abbreviations and should be formatted according to: the aim, materials and methods, results, conclusions),
  • keywords (5–6 words),
  • UDC.

The language of the main text of the manuscript is Ukrainian or English.

Manuscript should be submitted in «Word».

Physical quantities and units should be given according to CI, terms — according to the anatomical and histological nomenclature, names of diseases — according to the current International Classification of Diseases, drugs — according to the international nonproprietary names.

Pictures should be sent by separate files in tiff or jpeg format (250–300 pixels/inch), graphics — in «Excel». Authors wishing to include pictures that have already been published elsewhere are required to obtain permission from the copyright owner(s). Tables should be given in the text in sequential order with indicating the name of the table and link to the source (if necessary).

Original research should be clearly structured:

  • introduction;
  • objective;
  • materials and methods;
  • results;
  • discussion;
  • conclusions;
  • references.

The following information should be indicated:

  • information about prospects for further research,
  • financial support,
  • conflict of interest (authors must indicate whether or not there is a financial relationship between them and the organization that sponsored the research; if no conflict exists, authors should state: «The authors declare that there is no conflict of interest»),
  • author’s personal contribution (all authors should make a significant contribution to the research).

Authors can send their photos in high quality.

Indication of literary references in the text

Literary references in the text should be indicated by numbers in square brackets.

List of references

All references cited in the article should be presented in the list of references.


Journal articles:

Journal names should be abbreviated in accordance with Index Medicus standards; at the end of each link should indicate DOI, for example:

  • Chung K.F. (2017) Clinical management of severe therapy-resistant asthma. Expert Rev. Respir. Med., 11(5): 395–402. DOI: 10.1080/17476348.2017.1317597.

Monographs (books):

  • Mackay I., Rose N.R., Diamond B., Davidson A. (2014) Encyclopedia of Medical Immunology. Springer — Verlag New York, 1296 p.

Collective monographs:

  • Hoffman R., Benz E., Heslop H., Weitz J. (Eds.) (2017) Hematology: basic principles and practice. 7th Edition. Elsevier, 2408 p.
  • Loganovsky K., Loganovskaya T. (1997) Brain laterality and psychopathology in the remote period of acute radiation sickness. In: Abstracts of the 4th Laterality and Psychopathology Conf., June 19–21, 1997, London, p. 34.

The electronic version of the article

The electronic version of the article becomes available online within 1 business day after approval by the author and the paper can be cited by Journal issue with indicating the link and DOI.

Obtaining the author’s copies

Each author receives 1 free copy of the Journal in which his article is printed.

Send the manuscript to the editor

You can send the manuscript and get answers to all questions related to the publication of the manuscript (the possibility of publication, deadlines, peer-review results, the cost of publication etc.) by contacting:

Iveta Khomoretskaya (Executive Editor)

Тел.: (044) 585-97-10 (вн. 316), (050) 929-32-39, (098) 722-59-49

E-mail:[email protected]