Phytotherapy for rhinosinusitis: focus on natural essential oils

October 26, 2023
УДК:  616.211+616.216-002

Rhinosinusitis is a common disease in most countries of the world, which causes loss of productivity, a significant burden on society and the health care system. Experts recommend using phytotherapy for the treatment of rhinosinusitis, in particular, eucalyptus essential oil (cineole) and the complex herbal preparation Myrtol, which is registered in our country under the trade name Respero Myrtol and Respero Myrtol forte. The evidence that supports the effectiveness of these drugs in the treatment of rhinosinusitis are mentioned. Eucalyptus, orange, myrtle and lemon essential oils, which are part of the Myrtol line of drugs (Respero Myrtol, Respero Myrtol forte), are recommended by German and international recommendations (EPOS 2020) as an effective and safe herbal medicine for the treatment of rhinosinusitis.


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