Prevalence of risk factors in patients with coronary heart disease

November 26, 2022
Specialities :

Purpose: to study the prevalence of risk factors (RF) in patients with coronary heart disease (CHD).

The object of research: RF implemented in patients hospitalized for CHD.

The subject of research: patients’ awareness of RF for CHD; prevalence of arterial hypertension, overweight, smoking, metabolic RF; eating behavior; loyalty of patients to the recommendations of doctors.

Research methods: sociological, medical and statistical, graphic.

Results. 67.9–87.2% of patients reported awareness of the influence of RF on the development of CHD, depending on the factor. The case of own coronary heart disease was associated with arterial hypertension 95.1%, irrational diet — 79.8%, overweight — 58.1%, smoking — 33.9%, elevated level of glucose in blood — 33.5%, sedentary lifestyle — 30.0%, sleep disorders — 26.6%, emotional balance disorders — 18.7%, elevated blood lipid levels — 15.3% of respondents. The most common components of eating behavior were excessive consumption of bread and sweets — 67.9%, smoked and fried products — 54.3%, hot spices and salt >5 grams per day — 53.1%, low level of consumption whole grain products and fish — 51.2% of respondents. 22.6% of respondents followed doctors’ recommendations for diet, 22.2% for avoiding smoking, 19.7% for maintaining weight, and 17.7% for emotional balance.

Conclusion. The results of the study indicated low personal responsibility of patients for their own health and insufficient loyalty to secondary prevention measures.


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