Medical education in Ukraine: the systemic problem and possible ways to solve it

September 30, 2022
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The article analyzes the current situation regarding medical education in Ukraine. In the context of the implementation of the principles of the Bologna system, there are slow but positive changes in approaches to education. However, the training of students in Ukrainian medical institutions of higher education is conducted according to outdated approaches, with a lack of logical connection when studying fundamental disciplines in the context of further study of clinical subjects. The problems of ethics and deontology as an important component of medical student training and future medical activity, current problems regarding access to patients due to low capacities of university clinics or their absence at all, legal obstacles in the interaction of clinical departments with communally owned medical institutions are considered. The results of low activity in clinical bases or university hospitals are lack of mentoring for students, irresponsibility of teachers for the level of skills of students. Further rational reform of the medical education system, taking into account the experience of Western countries and creating conditions for the actual implementation of the principles of the Bologna system will allow training qualified doctors.


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