Clinical case of Castleman disease with liver and spleen affection

October 1, 2021

Castleman disease (angiofollicular hyperplasia of the lymph nodes) is a rare benign lymphoproliferative disease with a risk of transformation into lymphoma. Incidence 1 case per 100 thousand population. There are 4 of clinical and morphological types of the disease: hyaline-vascular local, plasma cell local, multicentric, HHV-8-associated plasmoblastic. The most common among them is the hyaline-vascular type (70% of cases). The article presents our own observation of Castleman disease (hyaline-vascular type) in a patient with enlarged spleen and cytopenia due to hypersplenism. The complexity of diagnosis, the result of surgical treatment (removal of the spleen) and monitoring of the disease for 16 years are highlighted.


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