Indicators of the state of health of modern adolescents as one of the components of the health of the population

June 30, 2021

The purpose of the study: to determine and assess the level of health of adolescents in Ukraine.

Object of study. A survey of 37 adolescents aged 11–14 was performed using the A Body Shape Index (ABSI) method. The analysis of literature sources in which the problems of youth health were researched was carried out.

Results. It was found that 52% of children have average health, 16% — above average, 24% — below average, 8% — low. It was found that 62.5% of adolescents have a very low risk of mortality, 12.5% — low, 12.5% — high and 12.5% — very high.

Conclusion. The problem of deteriorating health among the young population remains relevant, which necessitates the need to find ways to solve it for society as a whole and for medicine in particular, which, in turn, will help prevent the rise in mortality.


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