Features of psychosocial adaptation of medical college students who have experienced psycho-emotional stress

June 24, 2021
Specialities :

In order to verify the clinical and statistical characteristics of maladjustment disorders in medical students who underwent psychoemotional stress, on the basis of a basic medical college using a written structured interview, clinical psychopathological and psychometric methods, a continuous sample was examined — 63 students aged 18–43. During the psychometric research, scales of psychological well-being were used (Riff С.D., 1989; adapted by T.D. Shevelenkova, P.P. Fesenko, 2005), asthenic state (Malkova L.D.; adapted by T.G. Chertova based on Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory — ММРI), Leongard — Shmishek questionnaire (Schmieschek H., 1970), integrative test of anxiety (Bizyuk A.P. et al., 2005). When analyzing the data obtained, it was revealed that the specific and most frequent manifestation of neurotic disorders in students subjected to psychoemotional stress is situationally conditioned reactions of mental maladjustment. There was increased fatigue, irritability, emotional tension and lability, affective disorders, nighttime sleep disturbances, headache, and autonomic dysfunctions. The identified violations had their own dynamics and were formed in close connection with stress factors. To reduce the risk of the formation of non-psychotic mental illness in the framework of primary and secondary psychoprophylaxis, longitudinal observation is required.


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