Features of suicide intentions among patients with cognitive impairments in depressive disorders

October 21, 2020
Specialities :

The aim of the study was to determine the characteristics of suicidal ideation among patients with cognitive impairment in depressive disorders.

Object and methods. 362 patients with cognitive impairment in depressive disorders were examined: 123 with recurrent depressive disorder, 141 with bipolar affective disorder and 98 with prolonged depressive reaction. Clinical-psychopathological, psychometric and statistical research methods were used.

Results. Suicide risk factors in patients with cognitive impairment in depressive disorders were identified, which included features of suicidal intentions, ideational features of suicidal thoughts and characteristics of presumed suicide attempt.

Conclusion. Selected suicide risk factors can act as diagnostic criteria and can be taken into account creating psycho-correctional programs aimed at reducing suicide risk.


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