Current trends and prospects for the development of emergency medicine in Ukraine

October 12, 2020
Specialities :

The aim is to analyze the current features and identify negative trends in the provision of phased medical care to patients with emergencies to further improve the work of this medical field.

Object and methods of research. The work is based on the results of the analysis of human resources — 39 758 specialists who provided emergency medical care in Ukraine and 2 648 specialists in Kyiv in 2019. The structure and number of departures of ambulances are analyzed, taking into account 8 059 161 requests for ambulances and features of ambulances and medical devices in 2019. The results of the structure of hospitalization of 53 188 patients in Kiev City Clinical Emergency Hospital in 2019 and the reasons for non-hospitalized patients are presented.

Conclusions. In 2019, Ukraine lacked 3.075 doctors, 3.586 junior specialists with medical education and 2.448 drivers for Kiev City Clinical Emergency Hospital to effectively provide emergency medical care. In Ukraine, emergency medical care in 2019 was provided by 641 (14.59%) doctors with up to 3 years of experience and 1 444 (32.89%) doctors of retirement age, and only 77 (1.75%) worked in rural areas, of which 5 doctors with experience of up to 3 years and 22 — of retirement age. Among 53 188 patients who were delivered to the admission department of Kiev City Clinical Emergency Hospital in 2019, only 29 051 (54.62%) were delivered by ambulances, of which 39.2% had no grounds for hospitalization.


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