Comparative efficiency of apparatus-controlled coagulation and traditional method of surgical treatment in patients with grade III and IV hemorrhoids

October 1, 2020
Specialities :

The aim is to compare the clinical results of electrocoagulation hemostatic device LigaSureTM (ECHD) hemorrhoidectomy and Milligan — Morgan hemorrhoidectomy.

Object and methods of research. This study included 182 patients both sexes aged 16–80 with grade III and IV hemorrhoids who underwent hemorrhoidectomy with ECHD (n=78) or conventional method (n=104). Patients were retrospectively analyzed: gender, age, pre- and postoperative hemoglobin and hematocrit level, duration of surgery, presence of thrombosis, number of removed and left nodes, number of bed-days, early and late postoperative complications, need for narcotic analgesics, follow-up period and time to return to normal daily activities.

Results. The operation time was 16 (5–60) min in the ECHD and 22 (6–40) — in the conventional method group. Postoperative analgesics were used in 82 (78.8%) cases in the conventional treatment and in 29 (37.2%) cases in the ECHD group. The time required to return to normal daily activity was 6 (1–15) days in the ECHD and 7 (1–30) days in the conventional method group.

Conclusions. The study found that ECHD outperformed the conventional method in duration of surgery, period of hospitalization, postoperative pain relief needs, postoperative bleeding as well as the time required to return to normal daily activity.


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