How to use cordaron with a peak efficacy? The practical recommendations for the physicians

June 30, 2003
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After 35 years of clinical application, CORDARON remains the main antiarrhythmic preparation included to the last recommendations of European Society of Cardiology on the treatment of heart failure, atrial fibrillation and prevention of sudden cardiac death. The high efficacy of CORDARON, especially in patients with cardiac pathology, is possible to explain by range of its properties, distinctive from other antiarrhythmic preparations. Taking into account broad application of CORDARON in practical medicine, the article represents the modern indications to assignment of CORDARON, based on principles of evidence-based-medicine, questions on dosing at different arrhythmias in various clinical situations as well as possible side effects of preparation and methods of their minimization. The presented information can be useful for the correct application of CORDARON in clinical practice.