A sociological study of the effectiveness of a multidisciplinary private hospital

November 18, 2019
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The article explores the methodology of conducting a sociological research on the effectiveness of a multidisciplinary private clinic. The subject field of sociological assessment of functioning of private medicine has been determined. The sociological research should be based on the use of a competent approach, according to which the basis of quality medical care of the population is the system of diversified competencies of the medical worker. The most common methods of sociological research are anonymous surveys, conducting online surveys, forming focus groups, conducting personal interviews. In general, the sociological survey provides the formation of directions for optimizing the work of a private clinic and solving problems related to the level of satisfaction of the population with medical services, satisfaction of employees with the organization of private medicine. The stages of sociological research are determined. It is advisable to use mathematical statistics data processing methods for the reliability of the study results. It is advisable to use parametric methods for determining the main statistical characteristics to process the results of a sociological survey.

Published: 18.11.2019

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