Methodical approaches to standardizing the assessment of primary health care units

June 4, 2019
Specialities :

The goal is to develop methodological approaches to standardizing the assessment of primary health care units. Research methods: the bibliosemantic, conceptual modeling, qualimetric and statistical. Results. A three-stage standardization methodology for evaluating the activities of primary health care units has been developed: defining a list of indicators for conducting an assessment; establishing the procedure for assessing and summarizing its results using a qualimetric approach; the determination of the evaluation procedure. Conclusions. The developed methodological approaches allow for a systematic monitoring of the performance of primary health care units in a unified manner, identify typical and specific problem areas and plan for their elimination at the national, regional or local scale with the involvement of all stakeholders (medical personal, employees of governing bodies, public and patient organizations). The proposed methodological tools should be used when developing business plans for primary care providers.

DOI 10.32471/umj.1680-3051.131.157991

Published: 04.06.2019


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