Changes in quality of life after cord blood stem cells transplantation in patients with decreased myocardial contractility

February 22, 2016

To determine the effect of cord blood stem cells transplantation (CB SCT) on the quality of life in patients with refractory heart failure. This work is based on retrospective analysis of results of treatment of 20 patients with refractory heart failure (HF) who underwent cord blood stem CB SCT in order to improve myocardial contractility. Quality of life (QL) of the patients was evaluated according to the disease-nonspecific SF-36 questionnaire and disease-specific questionnarie for patients with HF — MLHFQ. The study showed that the CB SCT leads to a significant increase in psychological and physical health components in patients with refractory HF, according to the disease non-specific survey in follow-up period up to 9 months. Improving the QL of these patients after CB SCT was confirmed by disease-specific questionnairie (MLHFQ) data in similar periods of observation. The results showed that CB SCT can be used in complex medical treatment to improve the QL of patients with refractory HF and decreased myocardial contractility. QL can be used to assess the effectiveness of the treatment of this group of patients.