Correction of system «restored thiols — nitric oxide» as an important factor in the treatment of chronic cerebral ischemia

May 4, 2016

A study of clinical and biochemical efficacy of combined use Tivomax-Darnitsa and Metamax in 40 patients with chronic
cerebral ischemia was conducted. Results of the study showed that combined use of Tivomax-Darnitsa and Metamax improves the effectiveness of treatment of cephalgic,
vestibular, asthenic and anxiety syndromes, improves physical and mental performance and quality of sleep in patients with I and II stages of discirculatory encephalopathy.
After treatment with Tivomax-Darnitsa and Metamax the levels of nitric oxide and L-arginine and the activity of NO-synthase in plasma of patients with discirculatory
encephalopathy were significantly increased. Their modulating effect on thiol-disulfide balance that prevents further progression of endothelial dysfunction in chronic cerebral ischemia was noted. Pathogenetic validity of the inclusion of drugs Tivomax-Darnitsa and Metamax in the complex therapy of patients with chronic cerebral ischemia
was proved.