The role of primary contact with the patient in identification of visual malfunctions among children during the first years of life (literature review)

November 7, 2016

The article presents the results of a scientific analysis of the modern studies regarding the implementation of measures to strengthen the prevention of blindness and visual impairment among children during the first years of their life in Ukraine, designed to prevent the growth of child disability rate and absolute number of cases of blindness and visual impairment in early childhood. The questions of the role of medical personnel of primary patient contact (general practitioner, family doctors, pediatricians and pediatric ophthalmologists in outpatient hospital) are discussed. We also analysed the features to engage families who have a child with visual imrairment in early age, medical staff, education professionals (pre-school) into organization of the process of early detection of visual disorders, its’ treatment and rehabilitation, aimed at promoting a positive outlook for socialization and employment in future.

Published: 07.11.2016