Harmful for health behavior habits as risk factors and their causal effect on morbidity and mortality from acute myocardial infarction among the population of the Lviv region

April 11, 2017

Aim — scientific substantiation of risk factors from the number of existing harmful for health behavior habits in patients with acute myocardial infarction (AMI) and their causal effect on the state of morbidity and mortality from this pathology among the population of Lviv region. Materials and me­thods. The research was done on a selective statistical aggregate by the case — control method among patients with AMI and control group of persons without it with equal number of observations in each group (n=374, t>2; p<0.05), according to the program «The impact of major controlled risk factors in the event of acute myocardial infarction» with using the anamnestic, medical and statistical methods of research and also methods of structural and logical analysis and deductive awareness based on the system principles and calculation of the obtained data by using the programs of «Miсrosoft Office Excel 2016». Results. Ten risk factors of development of AMI from the number of unhealthy behavioral habits were identified among studied patients. It has been convincingly demonstrated the increase of chances of an acute heart attack by almost 9 times in this cohort of patients (median odds ratio 8.8±0.04; 95% confidence interval 7.6±9.98; р<0,05) and adverse effect on public health in 20% cases (median population attributable risk 0.2±0.03) and the ability to develop AMI in every third person (median potential health risk 2.1). It was proved their correlative impact on morbidity (rху +0.84; р<0.001) and mortality state (rху +0.65; p<0.05) from AMI and established regressive correlation between morbidity and mortality from AMI (Rху 2.6). Conclusions. Established risk factors are regarded as a danger in the morbidity and mortality from AMI, which serves as a basis to intensify preventive work at the primary level of medical care for their minimization by laying the foundations of a healthy lifestyle on individual and social levels.