Features of the National System of the USA «Emergency Medical Services»

September 22, 2017

The development of the structure of medical institutions is behind of the needs of society and health standards of world level. The emergency medical care system (EMS) for victims of the emergency situations in everyday conditions in Ukraine hasn’t radically changed compared to the existing system of academician Semashko. The development of the structure of medical institutions lags behind the needs of society and world health standards. The material provision of EMS workers, the technical condition of medical equipment and sanitary transport of the unified state system of medical protection of the population, guarantees for the social protection of its employees do not meet the world standards. The use of elements of the EMS structure in emergency situations, similar to that of the United States, will certainly be positive, but will require the adoption of the system for the social protection of its employees, renovation and equipping of sanitary transport, retraining a significant number of medical personnel.