Some clinical and neurological aspects in patients with renal pathology

February 14, 2018

Objective — to examine clinical and neurological characteristics of the affection of nervous system (NS) in patients with renal pathology. Material and methods. The results of a fragment of a complex examination of 24 patients with chronic kidney disease (CKD) are presented. A detailed clinical and neurological, neuropsychological (determination of levels of constitutional and reactive anxiety by the Spielberger — Khanin scale), laboratory (with detection of the parameters of the electrolyte balance, nitrogen metabolism, autoimmune markers of the cerebral and renal tissue affection) and instrumental examination (renal ultrasonography, magnetic resonance imaging of the brain) was conducted. Results. In patients with CKD the signs of destruction of the central and peripheral NS structures as well as autonomic NS destruction were detected. Conclusions. The large number of pathogenic mechanisms affecting the central, peripheral and autonomic NS under the CKD, mutual impacts of the NS and kidneys in pathologic conditions, taking into account the growing medical and social significance of patients with renal pathology, in particular CKD, necessitate the further detailed complex reserch of clinical, neurological, neuropsychological and paraclinical characteristics in this category of patients.

Published: 06.03.2018


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