The case of successful treatment of acute mesenteric thrombosis in elderly patient on the background of the severe concomitant pathology

May 16, 2018

The results of treatment of the 72 years old patient with acute mesenteric thrombosis, gangrene segment of the small intestine on the background of the chronic monocytic leukemia are described. The resection of half of the small intestine was made in 12 day after stabilization of the general condition and indicators of homeostasis. The least traumatic operating access and mechanical suture of anastomosis were used. In the postoperative period there was a partial failure of anastomosis. The VAC-therapy was used for the formation and closure of the external incomplete intestinal fistula. On the background of early enteral nutrition, the parenteral nutritional support and correction of water-electrolyte balance were conducted.

V.V. Skiba, A.V. Martynenko, S.E. Bondar, S.M. Babenko, D.V. Ryaboshapk

Key words: mesenteric thrombosis, resection of the intestine, intestinal fistula, VAC-therapy

Published: 15.05.2018


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