Rehabilitation in patients with cervical vertebral syndrome with autonomic dysfunction syndrome

December 28, 2018

Aim — to study the effectiveness of the complex of physical methods in the rehabilitation of patients with cervical vertebral syndrome (CVS) and autonomic dysfunction syndrome (ADS). The object and me­thods of research. The study included 17 patients with diagnosed CVS and ADS (11 men and 6 women) aged 25–60 years. In order to improve the compensatory mechanisms of the body, a complex of rehabilitation methods (tempering, shower, pouring, air baths, balanced nutrition, vitamins, trace elements, optimal individual regimens, influence on pain points of spasmodic neck muscles, massage, myofascial release with soft manual traction). The course of rehabilitation consisted of 8–10 sessions with mandatory fixation of the neck with a cervical collar for 2–3 hours after each session. Results and conclusions. As a result of the course of rehabilitation, improvement in patients in all the studied parameters was noted (adaptive potential of the blood circulation system, assessment of the adaptation reaction, the efficiency of blood circulation, heart rate by I. Starr, intersystem relations by the Hildebrand coefficient, vegetative index I. Kérdö, questionnaire for identification of signs of vegetative changes). Applied complex of methods of physical rehabilitation is effective in CVS with ADS.

DOI 10.32471/umj.1680-3051.128.134823

Key words: cervical vertebral syndrome, autonomic dysfunction syndrome, rehabilitation.