Experience with the use of caudal epidural blockades in treatment of pain syndromes of the lumbosacral spine

April 8, 2019

Caudal epidural blockade (CEB) is a minimally invasive method for the treatment of pain in the lumbosacral spine. CEB in treatment of vertebral pain syndrome is becoming increasingly popular due to its high efficiency and low risk of complications. The purpose of the study is to evaluate the effectiveness of the technique of CEB under fluoroscopic control in treatment of pain in the lumbosacral spine in its dege­nerative-dystrophic lesion. Material and methods. A retrospective analysis of the results of treatment of 92 patients (45 men, 47 women) aged 52±4 years was carried out with complaints of pain in the lumbosacral spine against the background of degenerative-dystrophic diseases of the spine, which was carried out by CEB: 51 patients with protrusions or herniated intervertebral discs (group 1) and 41 patients with lumbar spinal stenosis (group 2). The observation period was at least 3 months after the procedure. Evaluation of the results of treatment was carried out on visual analog scale (VAS) and the Roland — Morris and Oswestry Disability Index (ODI). Results. After the use of CEB positive results were achieved in 54% of patients with protrusions or herniated intervertebral discs and 49% with stenosis. The regression of pain syndrome according to VAS correlated with the improvement of the quality of life according to the data of the Roland — Morris and ODI questionnaires at all stages of observation (rcan=0.82–0.91–0.93–0.94; p<0.05). Conclusions. CEB is an effective method for the treatment of pain in the lumbosacral spine with hernias and intervertebral disc protrusions, as well as lumbar spinal stenosis during 3 months after the procedure.

Published: 08.04.2019


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